Armorer Services

If you would like to modify your Glock Handgun or AR-15, We provide armorer services.  Prior to agreeing on taking on a project we will speak with you and figure out what exactly you are trying to accomplish. 

Unlike most large gun shops, these services will be provided locally on site while you wait which means you leave with firearm same day at a very affordable price

For Glocks we provide the following services:

  • Sight Installation
  • Trigger Enhancement Packages
  • Aftermarket Slide assembly
  • Aftermarket Frame Assembly
  • Baseplate installation
  • Magwell Installation
  • Spring Upgrades
  • Optic Installation on MOS Compatible Glocks

For AR-15 Variant Rifles we provide the following services:

  • Lower Receiver Assembly
  • Upper Receiver Assembly
  • Trigger Installation
  • Selector Switch Installation
  • Muzzle Device Installation
  • Full rifle builds
  • Assistance in completing ATF E-form in order to Register a Short Barrel Rifle aka an SBR (ATF Form 1)

Some of our work