What if I miss the course I paid for?

If you give us 72-hours notice that you cannot attend the course we will roll you into the next course as a one-time courtesy. We do not do refunds

Do you rent firearms for students to use?

We have a limited quantity of firearms that can be rented for a fee of $25.  The student must notify the instructor at least 1-week prior to the course to ensure we have a firearm for the student to use.

Should I buy a firearm just to attend a course?

Buying a firearm is an investment just like buying a car.  Choosing a firearm is not a one size fits all approach, so we strongly recommend trying out a few prior to making a purchase.  We would gladly give you some suggestions based off experience as to which firearm may work for you.

Does your course qualify me to go apply for my Florida Concealed Carry Permit?

Absolutely, every handgun course we offer fulfills the Florida State required training necessary to apply for a concealed carry permit.

Are you certified to teach firearms?

I am the owner and chief instructor dually certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the United States Concealed Carry Association to teach all classes we offer.

Why are your class numbers so small?

Understanding that you pay good money to for the class you enroll in, it would be impossible to give each student individual instruction if we offered our classes in large quantities.  Topics related to firearms will always be taught in groups of 15 or less to ensure that you get the training you paid for.  We pride ourselves on avoiding the "Death by PowerPoint" teaching method.

Do you do private lessons or classes?

Private lessons or classes can be arranged depending on instructor and range scheduling availability. 

Are there any forms that must be completed prior to attending any of your classes?

Student will be required to complete a range waiver and hold harmless agreement when they show up at any venue where we are conducting live-fire firearms training.