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MF Firearms

Carbine Level 1 Classroom Portion + Range (3.5 hours)

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Carbine Level 1

Location: 900 Big Oak Road, Saint Augustine FL 32095

During this 3.5 hour class we will work on the basics of shooting the AR-15 Rifle. We recommend this course for every one of our students who want to learn to use the AR-15 as this will be the basis which we will build upon for all follow on AR-15 classes.

***During the classroom portion we will conduct hands-on dry fire with your Rifle and also incorporate the use of a state of the art laser simulator in order to provide hands on practice on the skills you learn.***

You will learn:

•Firearms Safety

•How to ensure your AR-15 is clear and safe

•Proper Shooting Range Etiquette

•Loading and Unloading your AR-15 Rifle and Magazines

•Proper Stance

•How to Grip the Rifle

•Properly setting your buttstock length of pull

•Using your Rifle Sights or Optic

•Proper Trigger Press and Reset

•Zeroing your AR-15 Rifle (we will get you hitting paper)

•Building good habits and muscle memory

 Gear required

•Eye and ear protection

•AR-15 in good working condition

•2 magazines

•Case for your Rifle (please bring in to the range in the case, unloaded)

•Weather Appropriate Clothing

•Close-toed shoes (no sandals)