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Handgun Safety & Fundamentals

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Handgun Safety & Fundamentals + Florida CCW

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November 12th 1-4pm

Saltwaters Shooting Club - 900 Big Oak Road, Saint Augustine FL 32095

The student can expect to learn about the basics of handgun safety and fundamentals to include:


  • Selecting a pistol for concealed carry
  • Concealed carry gear (belts, holsters, magazine pouches, other options)
  • 4 fundamental safety rules
  • Clearing procedures
  • Loading and unloading the handgun
  • How to clear malfunctions
  • How to load magazines
  • Fundamentals of pistol shooting (stance, grip, how to use pistol sights, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, follow-through)

This class provides the training certificate required to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

Required Gear

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Close toed shoes