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MF Firearms

Low-Light Handgun

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Foreword:  This is not a basic level shooter course.  Student should have some experience with handguns and drawing from a belt mounted holster. 

Cost - $250 Early Registration $300 After April 1st

Date: April 22,2023

Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Location: Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center, 1610 Crystal Sands Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Instructor: Matt Mildorf
-CEO MF Firearms Academy
-Former Federal LEO and Special Response Team Member
-Certified Police and Civilian Firearms Instructor
-Marine Corps Veteran with Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan

Come Join us and learn about engaging targets in reduced-light and no-light situations
We will Cover:
• Handheld Light Techniques
• Weapons Mounted Light Techniques
• Using Night Sights

You Will Learn and Practice the following under reduced/no light scenarios
• Identifying Threats/Non-Threats
• Performing Reloads
• Engage Single and Multiple Targets under stress

Gear Required
• Semi-Automatic Pistol w/weapons mounted light w/fresh batteries
• Handheld Light w/fresh batteries
• Outside the waistband holster
• Magazine pouch and 2 extra magazines
• Ammunition -100 rounds 
• Eye and Ear Protection
• Close-toed shoes and Long Pants
• Water