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MF Firearms

Pistol and Carbine Trilogy Membership

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Being part of a tribe of like-minded individuals matters.

We proudly offer our newest membership program called “The Trilogy”. 

If you sign up for our Pistol and Carbine Trilogy membership you will unlock the ability to attend one Pistol class and one Carbine class offering in each of the three levels during any month during our 2024 training season. We will offer at least one of these classes Every Month!

Trilogy Class descriptions can be found here and the membership includes the following courses:

-Pistol Level 1

-Pistol Level 2

-Pistol Level 3

-Carbine Level 1

-Carbine Level 2

-Carbine Level 3

When you have completed each of the three course in each weapon platform, you will be awarded another piece of the 7 piece challenge coin.   When you complete all six courses you will have a complete serialized coin signifying your completion of the Pistol and Carbine Course Trilogy and be invited to exclusive range day events that only Trilogy Members who have passed the test will be eligible to attend.

This keeps ensures that when you attend our exclusive range day events, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with only those that you know have completed the same stringent requirements and met the same standards as you!

That is what we call, Building a Tribe!

After you sign up for our Trilogy  membership, you will join our email list and be given exclusive access to our Google Chat Group where we will announce upcoming class offerings prior to the rest of the general public.

What you will receive:

-Exclusive access and priority enrollment to our latest class offerings

-Enrollment in one offering of each of our Pistol and Carbine classes

•Pistol Level 1

•Pistol Level 2

•Pistol Level 3

•Carbine Level 1

•Carbine Level 2

•Carbine Level 3

-Exclusive access to our range day events for Trilogy Members who have earned their coin for LIFE

-A Pistol & Carbine Trilogy Challenge Coin piece for each Level Complete

We will limit Pistol and Carbine Trilogy Membership each year to the first 100 enrollees.  When the spots are filled, that’s it!