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Use of Force Simulator/Laser Range

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Use of Force Simulator/Laser Range

(Time dependent on class size, all completed in a classroom environment with no live ammunition)


With advances in technology, we are able to deliver exceptional and realistic self-defense scenarios in the comfort of the classroom using the Laser Ammo Smokeless Range System. 

Using our state-of-the-art system, we can work on handgun fundamentals without the use of live ammunition.  During this class, each student will have the opportunity to practice fundamentals of handgun shooting using various computer- generated range scenarios as well as use of force scenarios.  After each scenario, the class will have the opportunity to engage in group discussion about what we saw, what we perceived as threats, and explaining why each participant decided to shoot or not shoot.  The mind is the most powerful weapon and this class trains you to use situational awareness and judgement as an ally.  

Required Gear

  • Belt
  • Pants with belt loops
  • Water or beverage
  • Snack or lunch