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Womens Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals Range Portion (1.5 hrs)

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Womens Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals Classroom Portion (1.5- Hours) 

This class is for Women only

Location: Saltwaters Shooting Club, 900 Big Oak Road, Saint Augustine, FL 32095

During this 1.5 hour class we will work on the basic, intermediate, and defensive pistol techniques.

This is the live fire portion of the the WHSDF class.  We will practice all the techniques taught during the classroom portion on the range using live ammunition.  We will also have 5 popular concealed carry handguns and holsters for each pistol that you can try during this class. 

Student is responsible for the range fee which is to be paid to the range

  You will learn:

•Firearms Safety

•How to ensure your pistol is clear and safe

•Proper Shooting Range Etiquette

•Loading and Unloading your Pistol and Magazines

•Choosing a concealed carry pistol

•Different way to carry whether it’s on your person or off your body (purse, backpack, etc)

•Proper Stance

•How to Grip the Pistol

•Using your Pistol Sights

•Proper Trigger Press and Reset

•Drawing from a holster

•Shot Placement

•When and how to engage attackers

•Building good habits and muscle memory


This class will also include your State of Florida concealed carry training certificate (Normally an additional $50 fee)  if you would like to apply for your FL CCW.


Gear required

•Eye and ear protection

•Pistol or revolver in good working condition (Rental guns are available to try for $20)

•2 magazines

•Holster for your pistol (unless you’re renting one of ours)

•Case for your pistol (please bring in to the classroom in the case, unloaded)

•Close-toed shoes (no sandals)


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